Everybody needs a break…sometimes

dogupsidedown_sleeping1kitty sleeping

Ahhh…a well needed and much deserved break. I decided to come “home”, the place where I grew up, the place where my huge, multi-generational family is, the place I used to run away from and now I go to in order to regroup, rest and remember that many of my dreams HAVE indeed come true 🙂

I have not thought about the job search much, except to have a few conversations and the sometimes sudden pang of worry that I shoo away readily. Instead, for the past week, I have embarked on a “de-cluttering” mission, gutting my childhood bedroom and my mother’s house. I have been using yerdle, a fun app where you can give away the stuff you don’t need or no longer use and get other stuff that’s interesting or even stuff that you might need. It’s amazing how much we can accumulate, some things that are never even used but you don’t really want to give to Goodwill. Anyway, I have had fun packing stuff, interacting with people all over the US and even finding awesome stuff that I forgot I had.

Next week it’s back to the job search. I am working on creating a different vision of the search. Instead of imagining it as a daily grind knocking on closed doors or getting them slammed in my face, perhaps I will imagine that I am in the jungle on a super secret and important mission of finding the lost city of a long forgotten peoples. It’s a vast jungle and I must be vigilant, I must gather clues that will lead me to that long forgotten city. There are no maps, no well trodden paths that will lead me there. I must rely on my resourcefulness, hardiness and persistence to lead me to that mythical city that holds the key to a long forgotten and underestimated civilization. For now, I spot a watering hole and some berries, time for a lunch break!



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