Treat me bad baby, I get off on it…

Ahh, don’t you just love the cold shoulder when you are job hunting? You do your best. You dress up for the nice interview. You do your homework. You are polite, you smile, you do your best to see straight ad sound smart after four hours of interviews. You are actually interested in the damn company. Everyone is nice and cordial. You think you did ok, you put your best foot forward. “We’ll let you know tomorrow.” You write your thank you notes like you’re supposed to. And then….radio silence. You follow up, not even a response to your email. Job hunters out there, it’s the best feeling out there isn’t it??!!!

I wish I could say, “Well if that’s how they treat you, then you don’t want to work there anyhow. Good riddance!”. Well, at this rate, there will be no one else to work for! HAHA…(not really, its not really funny but sometimes you have to pretend to laugh). When I worked on “wall street” it was ok. They have the reputation of skinning people so you can grow it all back much thicker than before. I really don’t know why “the street” gets a bad rap, considering that I have now seen equal rudeness elsewhere. Perhaps it is a function of capitalism. People forget their manners when they are dealing with job hunters. Is it the power play? Does it make them feel better to treat someone else like they don’t matter? Just once, I’d like to walk into an interview and tell the interviewer how much their product sucks and how I’m glad they are getting devoured by their competitors and how I look forward to the further implosion of their stock price. Take that and stuff it where the sun don’t shine!

But that’s not how my momma taught me. And plus, I’d probably end up doing my rude antics to the one person who WOULD in fact answer my email and treat me cordially. There are those nice ones out there, they are few and far between. I hope they are blessed with great employees.


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