Put me into a little box…


This blog’s purpose is to vent, whine and complain, for me and for you if you want. Most people don’t want to hear it. Many think its unproductive but sometimes you just need to let it out before you move on and take action. If everyone agrees that life isn’t fair then why can’t we complain a bit about this unfairness?

I’ve never written a blog and publishing such whining on the internet is probably not the smartest thing but I need more audiences for my bitching! Ha! So I will shove out into the ether of the internet where it can float around and maybe find some kindred soul out there that knows what I’m talking about.

I’m going through a ‘career transition’. I read all this bull crap about ‘finding your passion’, ‘doing what you love’ blah blah blah. Well, I’m a sucker and I bought into it. In college I did all these things to find something I would like to do. I thought I was pursuing something I was genuinely interested in. I did that for about seven years. It was great for the first two and then it was a slow downhill trajectory to oblivion. After getting the graduate degree I needed, the industry certification most people don’t bother with because its so hard to get; it all ended in a dead end that was completely bland, unfulfilling and semi soul destroying. The paycheck was good, the easiest six figure salary I will ever make. And now you might stop listening because I’m whining about the frosting on the cake. Well, it was the lowest of six figures and, by the way, all these articles you read about passions blah blah blah are promising you everything under the sun, giving you visions of frolicking in a sunny, green field prancing about with deer, rabbits and other benign animals.

What does this have to do with being put in a box. Well, I couldn’t take it anymore and I quit that old, soul destroying job. I had some savings and decided to take the time to clear the confusion and find that PASSION. After much research and the dreaded “networking”, I settled into a path that I thought wasn’t a hard sell. It was tangentially related to my previous job, I would take a lower position to get my foot in the door and a pay cut and everything would be ok because I would frolic with the deer. So I set off to find this dream of dreams and over six months later I find myself here, venting to you, the internet, the ether. I haven’t fit into anybody’s little box. My resume apparently says I’m only good for one thing and so I only fit into one little box, the box I came from. Apparently my experience says I can only jump through purple hoops and therefore I must be incapable of jumping through green hoops, or yellow ones for that matter. “No thank you, you can’t do it, you don’t fit into this little green box. We need the little Tellituby that will fit into this green box and you only fit into purple boxes.”

What to do? When everyone just wants you to fit into the little purple box that you don’t want to be a part of anymore. I WANT TO TRY THE GREEN BOX! Uggghhhhh.


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